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Somax is proud to have onboard

A solid & respected brokerage team in both Tanker & Bulker field, with strong & reliable skills to cover all details from single voyage charters to contracts of affreightment and longer-term time charter hire. Our desk has established expertise in developing creative solutions to seaborne transportation problems, and has a strong track record of long-term chartering of tankers and Bulkcarriers. Our partnership with some other solid shipbrokers worlwide gives our clients the realiance of having the best team for providing the fastest & accurate solution to their needs in the chartering of Crude & Oil product tankers,Bulk & General Cargo Vessels, as well as ocean-going barges and Tugboats.

We also provide professional marine brokerage services to ship owners and buyers in the sale & purchasing bussines of second-hand vessel. Our network includes the best shipbrokers worldwide providing access to important inventory of vessels for sale.