Marine & Technical Consultants


The Somax Group is

Strongly focused and ready to provide general conditions surveys & compliance verifications of IMO requirements by vessels & Companies, as well as quality control of cargoes and other requirements from Shipping Companies, port terminals, Shipowners and Maritime Operators on the compliance of the National and International regulations.

Somax is Made up of a highly skilled multi task team, fully motivated & focused to strengthen the operations of the Companies in the Maritime Safety area, aimed to the implementation and audits of the ISM and ISPS systems, as well as to become in a permanent solution to shipowners and Charterers in the technical area, as mandatory by IMO.

Marine Surveys

  • ILO-MLC 2006 Inspections for Panamanian Flag Vessels.
  • Pre-Class inspections

Cargo Surveys

  • Inspection, supervision and logistics for project loads.
  • Inspection of cargo conditions and its packing methods.
  • P&I and Class inspections.

  • Cargoes: Crude/Oil Products, Grain, General, Containerized.
  • Condition survey of the cargo on board, at the port facilities, warehouses, and / or at the consignee's premises.
  • Determination of the origin of cargo damage.
  • Supervision of the loading & discharging processes of wet, dry & bulk cargoes.

Container Inspections

  • Verification of stowage and lashing.
  • Determination of cargo volumes in containers.
  • Inspection of condition of seals and cargo.

  • Evaluation / valuation of damages and / or losses of cargo and containers.
  • Loss assessments.
  • Supervision of frozen and fresh cargoes in containers.
  • Temperature monitoring and controls.
  • Control of cargo damage, cold chain verification.
  • Refrigerated and fresh cargo loss analysis.
  • Evaluation of damage to reefer units.

Technical Management

  • Assessments of equipment, machinery and systems.
  • Vessel's list of works & Drydock specs.
  • Control of the maintenance & performance of the Vessel.

  • Evaluation of damages on equipment, machinery and structures in the case of accidents.
  • Control of the maintenance & performance of the Vessel.
  • Coordination & supervision on the supply of spare parts to the Vessel as well as safety materials, provisions, publications, nautical equipment, lubricants and others.
  • Follow up and supervision of vessel's repairs in Dry-dock, safety inspections, companion to Class surveys, statutory and equipment certifications.
  • Arrangements of works and general repairs framed into the Class list.
  • Assistance to shipowners on the quotation of works & spare parts based into quality, time and price.

Marine Management | ISM/ISPS Audits

  • Management and closure of Non-Conformities.
  • Preparation of training proposals.
  • Crew training and procedures.
  • Preparation of the Safety / Fire Fighting Plan (SOLAS).
  • Preparation of SOPEP, Waste Management, SEEMP.

  • Development of Safety Management Systems (SMS) for new Shipping Companies.
  • Evaluation of the progress of the Security Management System (ISM) implemented by the Company on board & ashore.
  • Internal audits to the Vessel (SMS) & Company (DOC), in order to verify the level of compliance in the implementation of the ISM Code.
  • Safety and Risk Management on board (Safety & Security Management).
  • Development and implementation of Manuals and other documents for the implementation of the ISM and ISPS (ISPS).
  • SOLAS Safety and Training Manual // Training manual (FFA & LSA).